Thursday, June 9, 2011

Post Cancer patient POW forcibly strip searched before & after Doctor consultation

Post Cancer patient POW forcibly strip searched before & after Doctor consultation

On Tuesday June 7th, Screws entered Pow Brendan Conway’s cell and informed him that he was being transported to hospital for his post cancer check up. Brendan asked them if he would require a strip search leaving Maghaberry and they said yes, Brendan then told them that if a strip search was a prerequisite for him attending his hospital appointment he would be refusing to attend. They told him that he had no choice in the matter and he was physically trailed by the riot squad down to reception where he was brutally strip searched and transported to hospital.

He was escorted in handcuffs by two screws and brought into the consultation room; the screws sat either side of him as the Doctor started her consultation. Brendan asked the doctor to stop the consultation in the presence of the two screws and requested that they leave the room, the two screws refused. The doctor intervened and asked that the screws leave the room as patient doctor confidentiality meant that she could not continue with the consultation in their presence and pointed out that she would be required to do an intimate examination of Mr Conway and supported his request that they leave the room, they again refused so the consultation was cancelled.

Brendan was then returned to Maghaberry where he was forcibly strip searched again and returned to his cell. Brendan asked to speak to the Governor as he wanted to lodge a complaint about his treatment. The governor came to his cell and apologised for the incident and said that the two screws had broken protocol and they should have left the room during his consultation and gave Brendan an assurance that it would not happen again. Brendan told him that he would not be taking any future hospital appointments if he was required to endure a forced strip search to avail of them. The Governor said that they had to make sure he was brought to hospital for these important post cancer check ups and it was his job to ensure he attended. Brendan pointed out that it was within his rights to refuse hospital treatment and no one could force him to attend these appointments which required a brutal forced strip searched during which he received many injuries just to attend.

Brendan has been in touch with his legal team and will be pursuing this breach of his basic human right to Doctor-patient confidentiality through the courts

Saturday, June 4, 2011

photos from pow protest.

Galway 32 County Sovereignty Movement held a very successful pow protest on Shop Street Galway City.activists handed out 1000s of leaflets,highlighting the plight of republican pows currently being tortured in Maghaberry Gaol by a British regime and the political motivated internment of Marian Price .

The 32csm in Connaught plan to hold similar events highlighting the prisoners plight throughout the region in the coming weeks and months.beir bua

Saturday, May 28, 2011

POW seriously beaten / Maghaberry Independent POW protest

POW seriously beaten / Maghaberry Independent POW protest

Latest from Maghaberry:

It is being confirmed by Republican POWs in Maghaberry prison, that Harry Fitzsimons has received a severe beating by the riot squad.
They went into his cell this morning, holding their hands over his mouth and nose to stop his breathing, punching his face until they broke his glasses cutting his face and leaving him with a suspected broken nose.
Another POW said he's unrecognisable, having a suspected broken wrist and broken ribs due to the severe punching to his body.The screws then brutally ripped every stitch of clothing off his body, then got on top of him and beat him as he screamed out in pain.
The other POWs said they didnt even recognise the voice. other updates will follow.

Friday, May 27, 2011

32csm Condemn Tom Elliot’s Remarks

32csm Condemn Tom Elliot’s Remarks

The Ard Comhairle of the 32csm wish to condemn recent remarks made by Tom Elliot, the leader of the UUP. Mr Elliot in the past week has called on Owen Patterson to revoke the licence of ex POW and 32csm member John Connolly. This comment came in the wake of John attending an anti-royal visit protest in Dublin. At the protest two masked members of the crowd burned a Union Jack. John was not involved in this incident, nor did the GardaĆ­ arrest the individuals who burned the flag. Despite these facts Mr Elliot regards John’s presence at a republican protest as sufficient reason to have his licence revoked.

This is not merely a repetition of Tom Elliot’s familiar anti republican rhetoric. Rather we see this as a further step in a sinister pattern that has resulted in a number of ex POWs either being imprisoned on trumped up charges or having their licence revoked due to their political stance. In the past two weeks another of our Ard Comhairle members, Marian Price, had her licence revoked for attending an Easter commemoration in Derry. In the same week two members of Republican Sinn Fein were charged under obscure legislation of "supporting terrorism" for stating in an interview that they supported the right of republicans to engage in armed struggle.

Mr Elliot referred to Marian as a terrorist and justified her internment on those grounds. Given his own lengthy involvement in the UDR who colluded with Loyalist paramilitaries surely he himself qualifies for similar treatment?

This latest statement is not merely a publicity stunt; rather it is an open call for internment and political censorship. John Connolly was released in 2007. He is a well respected community activist and an unashamed republican. Tom Elliot is in effect calling for all ex POWs opposed to the GFA to be interned for their beliefs. Given the case of Martin Corey we do not think that this is mere hyperbole but rather a very distinct strategy being utilized by the British administration in an attempt to silence republicans. The 32csm stands fully behind John and his young family as well as all of the republican ex POWs that Tom Elliot is trying to intimidate and censor. We send solidarity greetings to Marian, Martin and the other republicans imprisoned in Maghaberry for refusing to abandon their beliefs. We urge all republicans to support these individuals in any way they can.

Ard Comhairle
32 County Sovereignty Movement

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Freedom of Speech denied To Insulate British Monarch

In its desperation to portray to the outside world the image of a welcomed British Monarch in Ireland the Dublin Government has demonstrated a massive disregard for freedom of speech and movement of its own citizens. Having spent millions ensuring that streets were deserted to insulate the monarch from legitimate protest they have now adopted the tactic of pre-emptive arrests to ensure that protests do not happen at all.

This evening close on twenty members of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement were arrested under Section 21 of the Public Order Act as they assembled in Dublin to protest at the monarch’s presence. For all the grandiose talk of new relations and looking to the future the thin veneer has been scraped away to expose the political bankruptcy underneath.

The politics of this visit are clear; in the eyes of those organizing it partition is now fully legitimized. The laying of a wreath at the Garden of Remembrance reflected the view of those present that the Proclamation and Declaration of Independence were wrong and that the Anglo Irish Treaty of 1922, and subsequent derivatives, represents the lawful parameters of Irish sovereignty. We reject this utterly and will continue, despite dictatorial political policing, to expose it.